Elect Larry Hull -MI State Representative


Elect Larry Hull MI State Representative

Worth Considering . . . 

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  2Chronicles 7:14

Larry Hull for MI State Representative

In my cellphone photo gallery, I carry these two photographs:  The first one was taken in September 2020.  The second photo was taken almost 14 months after you-know-who took his pillow to the White House.  That first photo shows gasoline price at the pump of $1.69 per gallon.  The second photo show gasoline price at the pump of $4.25 per gallon and rising.  You can’t tell me that stolen elections don’t have dire consequences!  They most certainly do!

What fuels my fire hotter than that, is the lack of interest demonstrated by the republican-controlled legislature . . . both House and Senate.  No questions.  No curiosity.  No demand for a statewide audit.  No one held accountable, or even investigated for the MANY documented and video-recorded instances of blatant, election-changing corruption.  So, why is this important?

We have a plethora of important issues facing this state . . . unconstitutional mandates, sky-rocketing energy prices, 200,000 people still out of work due to COVID-related business closures, and more.  How are we EVER going to solve those issues and revitalize Michigan if we can’t even have confidence that our voting system is fair.  We vote for conservatives, but somehow liberals and establishment politicians always seem to find their way back into office.  Nothing gets done.  Nothing changes.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes life will throw you a curve ball?   I have to admit that this wasn’t what I had planned for my retirement.  But, certain “doors” have opened up for me.  And, the Holy Spirit has been prompting and pushing me through.  As a Christian, I have to step out in faith, hoping that I’m fulfilling a purpose that God has for my life.  So, here I go.  I’m on a mission.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hull

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Enough about me.  Let me hear from you.  What is on your mind?  Let’s open a dialog.  What do you expect from your representative?  I already know what I want to see happen.  Now, I’d like to know about YOUR expectations.  When I get to Lansing, I want to get a lot done.  Don’t hold back.  Load me up.

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Why You Can Trust I’ll Get The Job Done

Michigan is only one of ten states that have a full-time legislature.  Every other state has a part time legislature.  The salary paid to Michigan legislators is the 4th highest in the country, behind only California, New York and Pennsylvania. 


Service in the Michigan legislature is a stepping-stone in someone’s career path.  A legislator makes valuable contacts for future political office, including sources of high dollar contributors through Political Action Committees (PACs) and “super PACs”.  If they decide to leave politics, they have, very likely, paved their way into high-paying private corporate positions by sponsoring legislation favorable to that particular industry.   Sorry to burst anyone’s “bubble,” but that is Michigan politics.


I don’t want ANY of that.  I’m retired.  I love retirement.  My Navy retirement, my wife’s pension from her Michigan teaching career, along with both of our social security checks provide us with an abundant income.  My wife and I are active, travel and enjoy spending time with our children and our grandchildren.  I have a full life.  But, duty calls.


My mission as your state legislator is to return the legislature back to the people it is supposed to represent.  I am tired of writing letters and phone calling the office of my representative only to get excuses rather than results.  Be truthful now . . . are you happy with the direction our state is headed? I have a plan to Take Back Michigan.  Please join me.

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