Elect Larry Hull -MI State Representative


My Faith

It is an honor and it is VERY gratifying to announce that I have received the ENDORSEMENT of Right To Life of Michigan PAC for my candidacy in the race for Michigan House District 106. I believe decisions concerning life and death should be left to Almighty God. AMEN!

Larry’s walk with Christ . . .     started Easter Sunday, 1978, at the Indian River United Methodist Church.

Having been raised in the Catholic tradition as a child, Larry fell away from organized religion during his years at the University of Michigan. Then, shipboard life in the Navy was not especially conducive to spiritual development.

Fortunately, after leaving active duty, he found employment in the northern Michigan town of Indian River. Co-workers invited him to attend worship services at their church, Indian River United Methodist Church, under the leadership of Reverend Morris Reinhardt.

Brick by brick Reverend Reinhardt rebuilt the foundation of Larry’s faith, preparing him for a deeper commitment. Finally, during Easter Sunday services in 1978, Larry took a walk to the front of the congregation and acknowledged Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Through the years, Larry’s faith continued to mature and express itself in service to others. For several years he participated with the Gideons International distributing free Bibles to hotel rooms, and personal worker “testaments” to those in need.


Indian River Methodist Church

In cooperation with his current church, Faith Baptist Church, Cheboygan, he has made multiple short-term mission trips to Guatemala. The trips are coordinated through Greg Miller Ministries, an American missionary on long-term assignment in Guatemala. Each visit provides both medical and spiritual support for impoverished people in remote mountain villages. In preparation for these trips, Larry taught himself Spanish so that he was better able to connect with the Guatemalans through the Word of God, while the doctors and nurses provided medical care.


Larry continues to actively participate at Faith Baptist Church, helping with Vacation Bible School and attending weekly small group Bible studies.

Larry's Mission Work in Guatamala

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