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Issues For Michigan

Parental Rights

WHAT is so hard to understand?


Michigan law (MCL 380.10) says “It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. The public schools of this state serve the needs of the pupils by cooperating with the pupil’s parents and legal guardians to develop the pupil’s intellectual capabilities and vocational skills in a safe and positive environment.”


And yet, when parents engage local school boards with issues such as critical race theory, transgendered boys competing in girls’ athletics, and instructing 4th graders in “affirmative consent” for sexual encounters (in the case of the Lansing School District) parents are often met with indifference, scorn and even antagonism.  And, Heaven forbid, if parents should ever raise their voices at school board meetings.  The U. S. Attorney General has instructed the FBI to clamp down and investigate those “efforts to intimidate” school board members at public meetings.


The erosion of parental rights by disregarding the Michigan Constitution (Article VIII section 1) and violation of Michigan Compiled Law needs to STOP.  Choose a representative that has the backbone to stand up for parental rights.


Investigate and Prosecute Election Fraud

A Rasmussen poll released this past fall indicates that 56% of Americans actually believe that election fraud materially impacted the November 2020 election. That’s really no surprise in Michigan with the abundance of well-documented evidence of election fraud and other illegal activities.

We have direct evidence of election machines, during the election, communicating on the internet with IP addresses located outside of the United States. We also have video surveillance evidence, backed up by eyewitnesses, documenting the delivery of illegal absent voter ballots to the TCF Center in Detroit on November 4th.

Add to that the multitude of Michigan election laws that were blatantly broken without either investigation or prosecution by law enforcement officers, local prosecutors, or the Michigan attorney general . . . One would think we were transported back in time to the streets of Chicago during the reign of Mayor Daly.

This HAS to stop! Both the U. S. and Michigan constitutions assign absolute authority and responsibility to the legislature for the effective administration of our elections. Why hasn’t the Michigan legislature insisted on investigations and prosecutions? Perhaps the current crop of legislators lacks the courage. Let’s change that NOW!

Rescind Electoral Votes

Both the U. S. Constitution (Article I, section 4) and the Michigan Constitution (Article II, section 4(2)), give full, unfettered authority to the state legislature with respect to the conduct of elections.  Part of that election process involves authorizing electors to vote for president and vice-president at the Electoral College.  Supreme Court cases regarding this issue, affirm the state legislatures’ full authority over the appointment, or even recall, of their presidential electors. 

More than enough evidence of fraud and illegal activities exists to render the Michigan presidential election results as irreconcilably flawed.  The Michigan Legislature has both the Constitutional duty as well as the moral obligation to rescind and withdraw Michigan’s electoral votes for president and vice-president. 

The Michigan legislature DOES NOT have the authority to arbitrarily award those electoral votes to the Republican challenger.  But, the legislature DOES have the authority to rescind those electoral votes indicating that Michigan’s 2020 election process was unable ascertain the true, lawful winner of those electoral votes. 

Perhaps it is time for the people of Michigan to elect legislators who are courageous enough to take action.   It is still not too late.

Fix Election Laws

Our legislators excuse their lack of progress in fixing our broken election laws by claiming that the Governor (a Democrat) will veto the effort.  They also tell us that we need to vote for more Republican legislators in order to attain a two-thirds veto-proof majority.  Both lies!


Let’s take a close look at the Michigan Constitution:  

Article IV, sections 22, 26 and 33 give a quick summary of how legislation becomes law through the “bill” process. We learn about the governor’s veto power in Section 33 . . . every bill must be presented to the governor before it becomes law.  Pretty straight forward.  That was found in Article IV.


Now let’s turn to a DIFFERENT Article in the Michigan Constitution.  Let’s look at Article II, section 9.  That’s where we learn how to create laws by “citizen initiative” and “citizen referendum”.  NEITHER ONE of these types of laws can be vetoed by the governor! PERIOD.  


Also in Article II, we learn about election laws.  Let us simply read the first sentence of Article II, section 4 (2):   “ . . . the legislature shall enact LAWS to regulate the time, place and manner of all nominations and elections, to preserve the purity of election . . . “   Nowhere is the governor mentioned.  It simply mandates, the legislature SHALL enact LAWS!


Hey, don’t the Republicans hold a majority in each House?  Why haven’t they fixed our broken election system?   Maybe we need some new courageous people sitting in those Republican chairs.  We need legislators that will solve problems, not look for excuses!

Second Amendment Rights

Prior to sending the Constitution to the states for ratification, the Founding Fathers agreed that upon ratification, the first order of business was to identify and guarantee the fundamental rights of every American citizen.   On October 2, 1789, twelve proposed amendments were sent to the states for ratification.  By 1791, ten were approved . . . our Bill of Rights.


Question:  When is a “right” no longer a “right”?    Answer:  When the government requires that you pay a fee in order to exercise that “right.”


In Michigan, if a person wants to bear arms in a concealed manner, they must fork-over $100 to the county clerk for the privilege.  Then, every five years they fork-over another C-note for renewal of their 2nd Amendment “right.”


21 of the nation’s 50 states have adopted “permit-less carry” or Constitutional carry.   No fees or permits are required.  And, after YEARS of experience with Constitutional carry, there is not one, single, documented study that shows a correlation between Constitutional carry and a rise in crime.  NONE.


The Michigan Legislature needs to pay more than just lip service to our nation’s founding documents.  It is apparent that the Michigan legislature won’t act on Constitutional carry until conservative patriots are sitting in those chairs.  Isn’t it time for courageous leaders in the legislature?


The opening paragraph of the Mayflower Compact states the purpose behind the Pilgrims’ perilous voyage to the New World . . . “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”  The Declaration of Independence identifies our unalienable rights from God, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


How far we have fallen as a nation . . . as a state!  At the close of the last Congressional term, Michigan’s two Democrat senators in Washington voted AGAINST (SB 311) requiring life-sustaining medical care be given to babies born alive after a botched abortion.  Despicable.


Fortunately, there is perhaps an “end” in sight.  A Mississippi law, passed in 2018, has been challenged and argued before the U. S. Supreme Court in a case known as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  The 2018 Mississippi statute prohibits abortions in that state after 15 weeks of pregnancy. 


If the U. S. Supreme Court upholds the Mississippi law, the message to Michigan is that abortion laws should be established by the States, not the high court.  In that event, the Michigan legislature should be poised to quickly introduce right-to-life legislation.  The U. S. Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision in June of 2022.


NOW is the time to choose carefully the person you want to be represented by in the Michigan legislature.  Choose wisely.  Choose courageously.  Choose life!

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